Saturday, June 09, 2007

10 Weeks Along with Twinkies + Some Updates

I took my first belly shot in the mirror this past week and thought that I would share. I can't believe how fast the twins are growing! My IPs haven't gotten to see my belly yet so I figured that it was about time. I had some redness on the bottom of my stomach from the top of my pants rubbing against it (the band is flipped down for the pic).

Everything is going well and I feel good. I just wish I could hurry up and quit taking the meds. CCRM is working on that by slowly weaning me. I should be done with everything at the 13 week mark or earlier. Yay!!

My parents have had Hayden since I left High Point. They are finally bringing him home today and we are happy to have him back. Emerson is so thrilled to see him again. He can't wait until they get here. We will go out to lunch and then we have a lot of things to do this afternoon to get us ready for the big move.

The movers will be here on Monday to pack us up and then Tuesday is the loading day. On Wednesday, we will be flying out to Colorado. Unfortunately, we cannot close on our house until the 19th, so we will have to stay in a hotel in Loveland until then. Clayton will begin his first day of work at his new job on the 15th and he is pretty excited about it. His new boss sounds like a really nice guy.
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Krista Smith said...

I figured you were at your family's since I didn't hear a peep from that way for awhile. Hooray for moving day! Although it will be stressful living in a hotel for a bit, I'm sure you'll have a blast. Too bad you can't just come here and stay till your house is ready! We'd love that!! Tell Clayton you're coming here instead! LOL
We miss you! Give us a call when things settle down a bit, kay?