Monday, June 11, 2007

Almost Outta Here!

Well, the packers are here boxing up all of our worldly possessions. I hate the feeling that our stuff doesn't have a home right now. I realllllllly hate that my scrapbooks are going to be baking in the back of a semi for 7-8 days. Ugh.

The cable will be shut off this afternoon so I won't have Internet access for a while. I will try to update when we get to our hotel in CO. We will be flying out on Wednesday.

It's sad realizing that we are leaving so many wonderful friends and my family. My parents brought Hayden home on Saturday and that was the day that we said goodbye. I was fine until my kids wouldn't let them drive away without just one more kiss. I about lost it when we met the Bolicks for lunch on Sunday. Goodbyes are something that I struggle at and this time around seems to be worse than normal. We have made so many true friends, both us and the kids. It stinks to move so far away from them. Tonight will be my last dinner with my best friends Tracy, Kala and Angela. Tracy will be bringing Austin to see Hayden for the last time on Tuesday and that is really going to stink. They are going to be taking us to our hotel since we will be both homeless and carless after everything gets loaded up. Oh man, I dread that like the plague.