Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Zoo Adventure

Me and the kids went to the Greenville Zoo in SC with the Mom's Club today. Tracy and Austin rode along with us. The kids were really good. The only problem I had was keeping up with Hayden. I lost him a few times, but luckily Tracy was there to help me. Man, I need a leash for that kid! Afterwards, a few of us moms wanted to go to Old Navy since we haven't been blessed with one yet in Asheville.

The worst part of the day was when Tracy decided that we should go eat at Steak and Ale. Hayden was awful the whole time and Squiggy (Emerson) was irritable. I got a phone call from the editor that I am working with for the Michael's book and she had some yucky news. Unfortunately, the publishers think that my scrapbook layout for one of the wedding themes in the book is mediocre. She explained to them that I was requested to do simple and easy layouts. They now want me to do a lot more techniques and to stick with the recent trends. Unfortunately, Michael's stinks at carrying the latest and greatest scrapbook supplies(which I am required to use their stuff), so I don't have the best products to use. Ugh! Anyway, during my talk with Linda (the editor), my kids screamed and my prime rib got cold. What a sucky dinner!

Needless to say, I am tired and I am heading off to take a nice bubblebath :)