Friday, May 27, 2005

Mom's Night Out

The Hendersonville Mom's Club held their end-of-year banquet tonight. It was held at Michael's in Arden. The atmosphere and food was great. Everyone had a few drinks and relaxed. It was so nice to get away without the kiddos! Afterwards, we went to an obscure bar that was kinda creepy. Some guy bought all 10 of us drinks. I thought that was nice. He didn't even try hitting on anyone. There was a crazy little man there that insisted on dancing with everyone. He got really mad when I told him that I don't even dance with my hubby. He was so weird! Kala kept insisting on Tracy and I singing Karaoke. We did not want to participate, but she insisted. When her back was turned, we skidaddled out the back door without her noticing. I am sure she cursed us when she realized we weren't around. Sorry Kala, there was no way I was getting up there after that one gal. She sang a little bit too well for me to follow-up her act.