Thursday, May 19, 2005

Had a terrible day today...

I was so happy that the kids both slept past 9:15 this morning. Too bad that they drove me nutso all day long! I would rather get up at the butt-crack of dawn if it meant that they would be cooperative and easy-going for the day. Emerson whined and cried most of the day, which is SO unlike him. The kid never complains. I suspect that he is teething because he wasn't easy to please today. He is normally such a mellow fellow. Hayden showed his butt so many times that I thought that I would knock him into the middle of next week. Calgon, take me away!!!

I heard from Michele today (the gal that I am going to hopefully be a surrogate for). She said that the reproductive center in Atlanta wouldn't be able to approve/disapprove me from their surrogacy program until next week, most likely. We were planning to meet face to face on Sunday so that we could see if we were a perfect match for each other, but now we are going to wait until sometime in June (if I get approved). We would both rather wait until the center approves me than for us to meet, like each other, and then not get to work together. I have spoken to Michele on the phone and via email. Her family sounds perfect for me to help. I really hope that I get approved. Hopefully, I will get to bring a little bundle of joy to her family sometime in 2006 :)