Monday, May 23, 2005

Are we crazy or what?!

The Mom's Club had their breakfast bunch at 9:45 this morning. There was 5 moms and 8 kiddos (4 toddlers and 4 babies)! What were we thinking?! Actually, the kids were pretty good. I am amazed that there wasn't complete and total chaos.

Afterwards, I took Austin with us to drop off some work at Lark Books. We then stopped at my favorite place in the whole wide world, Starbucks, for a white peppermint mocha and molasses cookies. The boys were so good! We stopped by Kala's for some outdoor playtime and to wait for Tracy to pick up Austin.

Tracy and I took our kids to Burger King for bok-bok fries coke (as Hayden would say chicken, fries, and Coke). There was a crane working outside and they couldn't get enough of it. Because the boys were so wrapped up in the crane, we got to have a very smooth lunchdate.

Tracy, being the brave woman that she is, decided to take Hayden with her so that the boys could meet a baby bunny at her parent's house. She brought it back with her to our house so that we could all see him. He was so little and cute!

Hubby and I watched Meet The Fockers after the kiddos went to bed. That movie is so hilarious!


Rhein said...

your babies, are cuties! how can you post photos on your blog?

visit mine!

Rhein said...

i found your "little" blog- goodness it's NOT! you busy- because you love "meet the fockers"-- that movie had me rolling on the floor it was hilarious. thanks for the info on posting photos, it sounds complicated, so not computer savvy here. my kids are 12 and 8, time goes really quick, you know. it's kinda sad, they'll never be little like your babies, again:(.

Adrienne said...

Girl, I have no idea how to utilize the member list. I hope you can get to my blog easily enough. I'm going to post pictures really soon!

Love and Peace