Wednesday, August 20, 2014

My Birthday and My New Best Friend (8/2/14)

Yes, that is a beer.  Clayton gave me an assortment of gifts and this beer was a part of it.  What made it special?  Well, it is a beer from Fort Collins, CO, that combines two great breweries-New Belgium Brewing Company and Odell Brewing Company.  When we used to live near there, we visited Odell many times and loved their tasting room.  Unfortunately, you cannot find their beers here in NC, so this was a nice surprise.  New Belgium is another favorite of ours, so this beer was perfect.  Great find hubby!

This thing is my new best friend.  I am amazed at how well a Waterpik works on getting food out of my braces and from in between my teeth.  I use it several times daily and it takes the place of flossing (which is a HUGE pain in my rear right now).

Clayton arranged for my parents to take the boys for the night, so that we could go on a food tour of NoDa.  He totally surprised me with this as I had never heard of such a thing.  We started off with treats from Amelie's.  Heist Brewery served up beer samples and some amazing flatbreads.  Ozpresso was our next stop for coffee drinks.  One of them included vanilla ice cream---yum!  We then walked over to a King of Pops cart for ridiculous good popsicles.  I got coffee and doughnuts, while C opted for cucumber mint.  Revolution Pizza invited us in for curry chicken kabobs and bruschetta.  We ordered a beer sampler to go with it.  That included: Sierra CANfusion-Oskar Blues, Triple C Hefeweizen, Greenflash West Coast IPA (MY personal favorite), and NoDa Ghost Hop White IPA.  After that, we walked across the street to Boudreaux's for shrimp and crawfish etouffee.  We ended the tour at Dolce Vita with blueberry tea cocktails.

After all that indulgent fun, we went over to a folk festival at Triple C Brewing Company.  It was a bust.  Too many people, nothing to do, nowhere to sit, and the beer wasn't all that good.  We left and went by Maggie Moo's to pick up cupcakes that C had special ordered for me.  They were 4 of each flavor, with cake and ice cream being a part of each one.  I can't remember the flavors, but they were very good.  Dinner was bought from my favorite food truck, Tacos Morelia.  It was a great day!!  I want to do it all again. :)