Friday, August 22, 2014

Staining of the Glue on My Teeth

To all the naysayers, you were wrong.  The glue behind braces does indeed stain.  This was one of the reasons that I did not get clear brackets.  I can't stand that my teeth look so yellow now.  On the first day that I got braces, the glue was undetectable.  Now, 6 weeks later, I am sad to see the glue so stained.  I brush my teeth many times a day and use a Waterpik.  I don't let drinks or food sit on my teeth long.  My oral care has been meticulous since I became a metal mouth.  Sigh...  If I had clear brackets, I would be ticked right now.  Glad I switched to metal just before they started to put the ceramic ones on.

{Day 1 compared to week 6}
The top is looking great and the bottom front teeth are finally moving.  Interesting thing to note-It has taken me 5 1/2 weeks to finally be able to bite into something with my front teeth. It was too painful up until this point.


Julie Lyons said...

Can you get a bleach treatment when they come off?

Brandy said...

Oh yeah, I will definitely be getting my teeth whitened after all this metal is removed. ;)