Friday, August 01, 2014

Braces-3 Weeks In (7/30/14)

Day 1-7/9/14
Week 3-7/30/14

Well, it has been a looooooong 3 weeks.  I hate these horrid things and can't wait to get them off.  I can already say that there is no way in heck I am going to wear them for 2 years.  On days where I talk a lot, my mouth feels like I have razor blades in it.  Regardless of how bad they feel, I love how they are providing quick results.  My top teeth look so much better.  The one tooth on the top right in the photo, has almost completely tucked into where it belongs.  That was fast!  Look at how crooked my wire was at the beginning and how straight it is now.  My bottom teeth don't seem to be doing anything though.  Hmmmm...  I will see the ortho next week and I hope he will reassure me that those teeth will indeed move.  They are crowded upfront.  


Unknown said...

Wow! Your braces look super adorable! I love those funky colors. Anyway, I can definitely see a lot of improvement with the alignment of your teeth in just a short time of three weeks. I hope your visit to the clinics are always fruitful. Thanks for sharing and I wish you the best of health!

Alexis Jensen @ Kelleher Ortho