Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Bouncing Back to Normal

I was severely worried about being able to lose the weight from this last pregnancy.  The past 4 pregnancies were a breeze when it came to transitioning back to my normal size but I had a feeling this one would be tough (I am older, my metabolism is slower, and I am lazier).  Thank the Lord, I was wrong.  I know pumping increases my metabolism but it is amazing how quickly I lost the belly yet again.  I can eat whatever I want and my body still burns off all the extra calories.  I may just ride this out for a while since the fun will end once I dry up my milk.  When I end production, I have to go back to counting calories and exercising to maintain my weight.  Ugh.  That sounds terrible right now as I am about to devour a Twix bar (my constant craving along with Wendy's frosties), lol.