Monday, April 08, 2013

40 Weeks-My Due Date (3/10/13)

5 Days before Baby S was born

I never posted any pregnancy photos on my blog out of sheer laziness so I wanted to post one of the last pics that I took of my monstrous belly for posterity.  This was taken on my due date and I was HUGE.  It's hard to imagine that there was an almost 10 pound kid in there plus a placenta that was just as big as she was.  Even though I was large, it just doesn't seem possible to have all of that tucked into my body.  I am sad to see the belly all gone now but it sure does feel good to be able to breathe again.  I will post a before/after pic on Friday (that's when I will be 4 weeks post-partum).  All of the weight is gone but I still have to get everything back in shape.  The OB has me on restrictions until I see her so I cannot exercise or do anything strenuous just yet.  The anemia is kicking my butt but hopefully my energy will soon return as my iron levels go back up.