Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Cruise Day #7 [2.4.11]

Today was our day at Castaway Cay. Let me tell you, this is always the best day of the cruise. The island is amazing! Disney really pulled out all the stops when they designed it. I could live there forever. Unfortunately for me, I woke up with the flu (did not know that was what was wrong until I got back to Colorado). I was miserable! I luckily had a bunch of drugs with me to make me feel okay enough to get off the ship that day. I would have been sad to have missed it. The weather was awesome and the water was beautful. The kiddos had a marvelous time as well as the adults.

Clayton and Jason got into a water fight, lol.

I think my hubby may have won that battle!

Beautiful Jasmine enjoying the water