Monday, February 07, 2011

Back from vacation and sick as a dog

We got back from our Disney cruise this past Saturday night and I have been extremely under the weather ever since.  I got sick on Thursday night and it got worse by the time we disembarked the ship Saturday morning.  Unfortunately, I am still struggling.  It started off as a cold with a sore throat and then it escalated into a fever/headache/nausea/coughing thing.  I didn't know how in the world I was going to be able to fly back.  Thankfully, I had a ton of meds with me to put me into a good enough stupor to take the flight with some sort of dignity.  As I entered the door of our house, I felt like it was swaying and rocking.  The floors seemed to be shaking and my balance was off.  Supposedly this is normal after a long cruise but good grief.  I am still doing horribly today with it.  The vertigo wouldn't be so bad if I wasn't also dealing with all the other crap.  I keep coughing up nasty stuff and I have an excruciating headache.  My nostrils and ears are stopped up.  I just hope that my kiddos don't get this nastiness.  Clayton has been taking good care of me.  He is going to take me to see a doctor this afternoon to see what the heck is wrong.  After I get better, I will be back to post tons of photos and details of our vacation.  It was a blast seeing the Barnes family again.  We are already planning another trip to see them soon.


Adventures Abroad said...

Last time I share a drink with you! I'm having the same thing down to a T. The vertigo thing really got me this morning. Tell me what the doc says so I know if I should go too.
We are missing you guys too. Not this cold thingy of course :) Can't wait for the next Barnes/Logan vacay!