Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Nausea is my middle name, lol

I have never had any issues with morning sickness during my previous 3 pregnancies but this time it is driving me insane. I was struggling rather badly yesterday evening (forget morning sickness, I have any-time-of-day-will-do sickness, lol) and so I decided to buy some meds from the pharmacy that my OB recommends, vitamin B6 combined with 1/2 a pill of Unisom (a sleeping medication). Can you guess the side effect from that lovely concoction? I ended up in bed at 8pm and slept clear through til 9am this morning. Ummm, it doesn't exactly count as an effective remedy if I am dead asleep. I can't possibly be like this when my kiddies get back home from Grandma's house. Part of my job as a SAHM is to be awake and alert. Unisom doesn't seem to help me in that arena. Next week I go to my OB clinic for my first appt. and I am going to ask for Zofran if I am still sick. Phenegran makes me really sleepy so I hope that Zofran will be an option.

Oh, and my dining room and bathroom are now completed. I will post pics of them this evening after hubby puts all the furniture back in place. The wainscoting and beadboard look so good in those rooms!


Sandy and Sage said...

Hi Brandy!

You know I had terrible morning sickness too. The only thing that helped me was to eat more often. Apples seemed to help me the most for whatever reason.

Sorry you're feeling so lousy.


Marja said...

Hope they can give you the Zofran but better still, hope the nausea just goes away quickly. I had none with my first but this time around I felt sick from around week 5-16!. Sucked big time. They won't prescribe meds in the UK though so luckily it never got that bad but it was all day long. I spent lots of time on the couch drinking ginger ale while trying to entertain and play with my then 9 month old DD! Now I can just about keep up with her running around with my big belly trying desperately to chase after her. The joys of pregnancy! Good job the end result is worthwhile.


Kara said...

hey brandy!
i was on zofran for about 8 weeks with this little babe that i am pregnant with right now. its a lifesaver, i felt just like you. sick and gosh awful tired!

a bad side effect of the Zofran is constipation (sorry!) and headaches, so make sure to keep up enough fiber. i added benefiber to a glass of water and that helped things along. lol

good luck sweetie! HUGS!