Sunday, August 24, 2008

Hi Guys

Yes, I know I have been a bad blogger lately. Life has been insane though and I just haven't had much to say. This past week consisted of meeting Hayden's kindergarten teacher (which he is already in love with, lol), getting Hayden assessed, my first OB appt., bloodwork and a mad hunt for a particular pair of Skechers that make Emerson over 40 in. tall (so he can ride Soarin', Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Star Tours, etc. at Disney World next month).

There's lots of changes going on around my home lately. I had ordered lots of window coverings for our home earlier this month and they were all installed this past Friday. Saturday I spent my time working on painting the kitchen. Our landscaper, Fred, came by and we worked out a plan for the backyard. We are going to put in some Aspen trees, purple sage, juniper groundcover, some purple flowering shrubs (can't recall the name) and a walking path from the front yard to the back so Clayton can easily push the mower back there. He will complete this work for us around the beginning of September.

Tomorrow is Hayden's first official day of being a kindergartner and he is so excited. I am happy to see him finally join the ranks of school-age kids. He has been ready for this for a long time now. I find it strange though that tomorrow will be the start of the rest of his life. You know what I mean, up until now nothing has really been expected of him. Now he will be expected to go to school until he is 18 and then he will go to college or directly to the work force. Play time is essentially over for him in a sense. Oh well, I have great faith in this kid and I am sure that he will be the type that loves academics. His future is very promising and I can't wait to see how he decides to steer his life as he grows older.

The surrobabe seems to be doing very well. He/she was measuring ahead at the u/s I had on the 15th so they are thriving. I have been sick with nausea alot lately so my OB gave me Zofran last week. I was terrified to pick it up from the pharmacy though because I had heard that those pills are outrageous and most insurances don't cover it. The nurse even made a comment about it being very expensive. Thank God Clayton has good insurance though because I only had to pay a co-pay for it. Let me just say, that stuff is a God-send. It works fairly quickly and makes me feel completely back to normal after taking it. I have used Phenergran for slight nausea in the past and that stuff always put me to sleep. Zofran doesn't do that at all. I am one happy girl now. :)

Only 26 more days until we see the mouse!!!