Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Baby News!

On Sunday night, we headed up to Fort Collins to meet the IPs for dinner at Bisetti's. It was so obvious that we are a great match. I gotta say, my IPs are awesome!!! They couldn't be any better if they tried, lol. The kiddos fell in love with them. I am so lucky! Anyhoo, enough gushing, lol. Dinner was fabulous and dessert was even better.

I had to get up at the butt-crack of dawn yesterday to get ready for our early ultrasound appt. The kids weren't too happy about getting up so early but they got over real fast when they found out that they were going to see the IPs again. When we all arrived, one of the nurses looks at us and makes some comment about me having lots of spectators. That's when I explained that my IPs are the bio parents and I am the carrier. My kiddos had to be there too because they aren't in school yet. I know it appears strange to have an entourage at the fertility clinic but at least there is a good reason for it, lol. She led us all back to the ultrasound room and that's where we met the doctor. He was awesome! He explained everything as he was scanning and also answered lots of questions for us. When he started the scan, I saw 2 different sacs appear on the screen and I groaned. My IPs and I were all hoping for 1 baby. The doctor told us that one of the sacs was a baby and you could even see the heartbeat. The length of the baby is only about 1/3in. right now. The other sac is just a fluid filled pocket. It's nothing to worry about and is fairly common. That's when we were all able to sigh a breath of relief. Thank the Lord!!


Joanna Bolick said...

So exciting!! How fun that everyone got to come to the ultrasound!