Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Bento Lunches-The Newest Lunchtime Craze

I just recently got turned onto bento lunches from the message boards at 2 Peas. After spending a ton of money on eBay to get supplies shipped from Japan, here's what I came up with today:

The yellow monkey bento box is Emerson's and the blue bear box is Hayden's. I have a pink box with a bunny character that matches theirs.

The boxes contain the same stuff for each kid: 2 triangles of bologna/cheese sandwiches, grapes, goldfish crackers, pretzel goldfish, yo-gos, carrot sticks, cucumbers shaped like flowers and a sauce cup with ranch dressing.

The kids loved their bentos! I will try my hand at using some rice molds and egg molds later this week. Everything comes in cute shapes like fish, cars and animals. Oh, and I have these cute hot dog shapers that can make a hot dog look like a penguin, crab or octopus. I can't wait to play with everything. Who says that you can't play with your food? lol


Sherry said...

Seriously, that is so stinkin' CUTE! I've seen some intricate stuff, but yours look doable! (same type of stuff I pack for my daughter when she doesn't eat school lunch) May have to visit e-bay....send me a link! :)