Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Ahhhh, Sweet Slumber...

Anytime that Emerson has a puffy Winter coat and rides in the car, he ends up falling asleep. It's pretty much always a guarantee, lol. Today he fell asleep on the 5 min. ride home and I had to carry him in. It never even phased him. I just laid him down on top of the kiddos' animal chairs and he never even woke up. That was at about 3:45 and it has been almost an hour since. He hasn't moved an inch. :P

BTW-I know that the pants look weird but Emerson dressed himself before I even realized that he had Hayden's pants on. They were a bit too big and since I didn't want H's new Gymborees to get messed up in the snow, I had to roll them up a couple times.
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sherbear said...

That is so cute :) Awww
I understand about the dressing themselves...my 4 yr old wants to a lot of the time and sometimes she does a great job but sometimes not.

Sandie said...

what a darling picture. My kids used to sleep with their arms up like that, LOL!