Wednesday, August 15, 2007


I just had to personalize it, lol.

We chose to do rounded corners. I think that it looks better than squared off ones.

The weird hole with the wood pieces over it is one of our basement windows. We will have to get a cover for it so that the kiddos don't fall in (or me for that matter, lol).

When I took these photos, the concrete was still wet. It looks as though it had speckles in it because that was how it began to dry. As of 5pm it is mostly dry and the concrete is white like the stairs.

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*Heather said...

Hey Brandy! Nice being able to catch up with you and your blog! Love your new haircut and the back of your house! Will have to go back and see the front somewhere I guess?! Sounds like you are settling in nice in your new home and glad!