Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Lots of stuff going on

Man, it is amazing to me how much we have got going on around here. I had a consult with a landscaper and concrete guy yesterday. Clayton and I are getting ready to throw down a lot of money all at once and it is about to make us sick to our stomachs, lol. We have to do something about our barren backyard though. It is an overgrown weed patch at this point. I had originally sat down with the landscaper and had all of our plans put down on paper but it turns out that we got in over our heads. The concrete guy costs twice as much as one back home to pour our patio. That really sucks. My uncle (who is a contractor back in NC) said that the quoted price for our patio was high but it may just be due to location. It's kinda like buying bread in one state can be dirt cheap and super expensive in another. Dang it. We did look at another guy but his prices were even higher so we stuck with the first guy. No stamped concrete for us though, sigh. We are going to get a basic concrete patio, underground sprinkler system, sod, river rock (for the boundaries), and a fence. Due to severe sticker shock from the patio, we are going to hold off on doing the play area and decorative plants until next year. The play area will be a 20x24ft. area marked with timbers and filled with smooth tiny pebbles. Considering how close we are to the end of warm weather here in CO, that will be fine. We can wait until next Spring.

I am so excited to say that I got Hayden into an awesome preschool. He will be going to one that is held at the local elementary school for, get this, FREE. Yea, I can't believe it either. After paying tuition for him the past 2 years, this is definitely going to be a treat. The state of CO offers the program and Hayden miraculously got accepted. Yay!! He will go 4 days a week from 12:15-3:15pm. Emerson will be going to a different school since he isn't old enough to go to the same one as Hayden. He has afternoon pre-k also so we will get to sleep in everyday. It can't get any better than that!

I am beginning to pack for our upcoming trip. I know I am insane but I just can't wait. Only 44 more days to go!


Krista Smith said...

yay for preschool! isn't it crazy that we had to pay for it in NC and it's free in our states now?
hayden and E will love it...they're social little boys. they'll have a good time.

good luck on the yard!