Monday, August 20, 2007


Last Wednesday, I hit the 20 week mark. I can't believe that I am halfway through this surrogacy. Wow, time sure does fly! My belly is definitely noticeable at this point. I have people congratulate me all the time when I am out and about. They always stop and stare at me like a deer caught in headlights when I proceed to tell them that the baby isn't mine, lol. After explaining that the baby is someone else's genetics and will be going home with his biological parents, people seem fascinated. I get lots of questions and so far no one has freaked out on me. I have heard several horror stories about people getting offended and then accusing the surro as a "baby seller". It's crazy how many people do not understand that the baby can be conceived in a petrie dish using the biological parents' sperm/eggs and then transferred into someone other than the biological mother to grow. My job (besides gestating this sweet little one) has been to educate others on the process of gestational surrogacy and to help them understand that the main goal of this procedure is to help a couple become a family with their own biological child/children. The question that I have been asked alot lately is, "Will you do this again?". So far my answer is yes (barring that I have no labor/delivery complications). If my current IPs want to try for a sibling project, I will be on board. If they don't, then I will refer back to CCRM to see if there are any potential couples in line for a gestational surrogate. We shall see. As long as my hubby continues to support my ventures I will be fine. :)

***I will try to get a new belly pic posted later tonight or tomorrow.***

I also wanted to add to today's post that it is my cousin Rachel's 15th birthday. Happy Birthday gal!!


Shawnna Samples said...

Congrats on the HALF WAY MARK
I am sure you and the IP's are STOKED :D :D

prayers for smooth sailing :D :D

CarrieB said...

I think what you are doing is AWESOME! What an amazing thing to do for someone. In years past, it has crossed my mind, but now I'm too old. Thank God for people like you Brandy!