Friday, March 24, 2006

Walk Emerson, WALK!!!

I am amazed at how content Emerson is to 'walk' on his knees. He hasn't shown much interest in getting up on his feet until recently. He can go into a standing position from the middle of the floor now, which is good, but he rarely ever tries to walk afterward. We were at Kala's house yesterday and he stood up on the back deck. I cheered him on and then he suddenly took about 20 sure-footed steps. I about died! You mean to tell me he has been able to do this all along?! What a stinker. Anyway, that was the first time that I have witnessed him really walk. It is about dang time. He is 16 months old, for Heaven's sake! I will try to get him to do it again today and get some photos of him in action ;)


Renae Burt said...

how exciting!!!


Heather said...

Good boy!!!

Any word on another IVF try?

Joanna Bolick said...

Aha! He's a sneaky one!!

Krista Smith said...

We knew he could do it! He just didn't want to. LOL

Has Kala moved in her new place yet?