Monday, March 20, 2006

I wish CK would hurry up and post it already!

The Creating Keepsakes 2006 Hall of Fame winners are going to be listed sometime today. I am so sick of refreshing their contest page! No, I did not enter, but I am cheering on a few of my friends. I just know that these gals made it- Alexis Hardy, Heather Preckel, and Tracey Odachowski. The winners were called last week and have had to keep their lips sealed until the official announcement. That has got to be sooooo brutal! Here's my list of picks for this year:

-Alexis Hardy
**-Heather Preckel
-Tracey Odachowski
**-Kelly Lautenbach
**-Vicki Boutin
**-Angelia Wigginton
-Sarah Klemish
**-Jessica Sprague
**-Angi Stevens
**-Shannon Freeman
**-Greta Hammond
-Susan Cyrus
-Mindy Bush
-Heather Burch
-Jen Johner
-Wendy Inman
-Debbie Van Marter
-Stephanie Klauck

Good luck ladies!!!

***Edited to add: The ladies with 2 stars won! You go girlies!!!


Celia said...

Good call girl, wish our girls would have won too though! Hope all is well!

*Heather said...

Well that was a pretty good list for sure! ;) Thanks so much for the congrats by the way! ;)