Monday, March 13, 2006

It's about dang time!!!

I just got a copy of the Michael's wedding book that I worked on last year. I was beginning to wonder if it was ever going to come out! Anyway, I am glad to see all of my projects finally in print. It should be in stores soon, so check it out. If you are a friend or relative of me, you may just find your name in there. I know I used Renae and Ryan, Laura and Steve, Leslie, Virgie, Christie and Jack, Stephanie and Tom, Joanna and Mark, Ashley, Natalie, etc. I really did mean to use everyone's names, but a lot of them got cut out because they cut one of my projects in half. I had everyone in my family on cards for 2 boards that was for seating at a reception. Well, they nixed one of the boards and just pulled enough cards to make one board for the photo. Most of the names that are missing are from my Dad's family :( Also, just so you know, some of you guys have wrong last names when I used you on an invitation (Laura and Steve-you were one of them). I did that on purpose when I first began designing because I was afraid of giving out too much info. After a few projects, I realized that it really didn't matter because the locations and other info. were wrong. Anyway, I didn't want anyone to feel left out if your name didn't get in there, but it was their decision to do that.

Sorry I have been missing in action from my blog over the past 7 days. After all the bad happenings from last week, I decided to take some time for myself. I feel better and ready to move on. Hopefully, my intended parents will decide to try another transfer in the near future. I really want to do this for them. I will keep you all posted as soon as I know anything.

Hayden is at Mom's house this week. He is having a grand ole time, last I heard. I will probably go down there on Wed. or Thursday to stay a night or two. We'll see.


Renae Burt said... are way too cool now!
This is like major recongnition for your creativness! (plus I am sure the money was nice too :)
Thanks for including us in your work... :)

Hope you have fun with one of the kiddos loose! I know I always enjoy breaks like that!


*Heather said...

That is so cool Brandy...congrats! ;)

*Heather said...

Oh I am so sorry Brandy! I know how much you want to do this. Hopefully it will happen for you soon and the wonderful parents you want to bless! ;)