Saturday, January 28, 2006

Yet Another LO from the February TSS kit


I took this shot of my Mother-in-law and Emerson last Spring while she was visiting us. It didn't hit me as funny until I got it back from Shutterfly. I didn't even notice the man breasts that Emerson was sporting when I shot it, lol. You just gotta love a chunky baby ;) Posted by Picasa


Krista Smith said...

Emerson is such a doll. you just wanna hold him all day.
cute layout!

Krista Smith said...

and how did you do the "cleavage" letters? they're great!

*Heather said...

Such awesome layouts Brandy! And thanks so much for getting my stuff up for me...just ran out of time! ;) It all looks great too! And the girls at the site are SO fun...what a great bunch of gals to work with! ;)