Monday, January 02, 2006

Happy New Year!

We are so pathetic. We didn't even see the ball drop on TV because we were already asleep. Ahhh, the life of a parent.

Unfortunately, as many others in the world did on the 1st, I payed my respects to the porcelain God. I began taking an antibiotic for the surrogacy that morning and my tummy just couldn't handle it. The bottle says nothing about taking it with food, but it should! Clayton has to take them too and he did the same thing this morning. He forgot that he hadn't eaten breakfast yet when he took it. I had never seen him eat a Pop-Tart so fast, hee hee.

Yesterday, I began my Lupron injections also. It was hard giving myself a shot in the stomach, but it really wasn't all that bad. I was so proud of myself afterward.

I did my grocery trip on Sunday and did reallllllly well. I saved $80 and spent $80 at Harris Teeter. That means I saved 50%!!! You gotta love that. I also did really good at Walgreens. Normally, I don't spend that much there, but they have some great sales and rebate promotions going on right now. I spent $68, but $32 of it will be returned to me next month through their rebate deal. I will also get an additional 10% on that because I will get the money back in the form of a gift card rather than a check. Hopefully, my rebate from December will come in soon. It is only going to be $17.60, but it's better than nothing.


Renae Burt said...

Your soo great at shopping!
Good to hear your a Wal-Greens fan too! I make a trip there every week! Their sales are awesome!


cheri said...

happy new year!