Wednesday, January 04, 2006

"I have 4 weeks til my birthday"

That has been a common line from Hayden over the past few days. He is so excited about his upcoming 3rd birthday party. I asked him what theme he wanted to go with and he said Thomas. Unfortunately, I did Thomas for him last year. Oh well, he insists on it again and that is what he is going to get. Clayton said that I may as well plan on doing Thomas parties for him until he is 20, lol. All the decorations and party supplies have been bought except the pinata. I bought his gift 2 months ago, so I am well prepared. He is getting a Video Now thingie with several movies. It's a portable handheld video player. I think that it will serve him well when we are in long lines, sitting in the waiting room at the doctor's office, etc. Anyway, I wrote out the guest list last night and came up with 31 guests. That doesn't even include family. Most of my family won't be there because they live 3 hours away and it will be a church day for them. Clayton's family will not be there because they live clear across the US in Wyoming and Nebraska. My house is unprepared for this party because it is so dirty right now. It's a good thing that I have hired a Merry Maid this month. Hopefully, my house will sparkle for his big day :)


cheri said...

my kids got the video now jr. for xmas..they each got their own...god forbid they share! haha....but they HAVE to share all the movies and they love it...makes grocery shopping and running errands nice...especially for busy toddlers.

Christie Jacobsen said...

This Grandma sure wishes she didn't live so far away @ birthday's or any day for that matter. Hayden will have spectacular celebration!

Renae Burt said...

How exciting...can you belive he is fixing to turn 3! wow.

A merry wonderful..I have always wanted to do that for all the blah stuff like baseboards and ceiling fans...junk that only has to be done every once in a while. Enjoy it you lucky girl!


Krista Smith said...

wow. I'm jealous about the maid part. hoo boy, what I could do.

I might have some thomas things from Carson's birthday party...if I have any you can use do you want? we also did thomas, and may as well buy stock in them! LOL

Dinner was fun last night! thanks again! The boys played so well together!