Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween!!!

If you are kidless then you may be wondering what the heck my hubby carved into our pumpkin, but if you have small kids you most likely know that it is the logo for the Incredibles. Hayden was Mr. Incredible for Halloween, so Clayton thought that it would be appropriate. He even strapped it down into the wagon while we went door to door. Our night began by walking over to The Reserve to meet some friends there for a party. We all went walking around the 'hood to gather up some yummy goodies. Hayden did so well! Last year he freaked out and was too scared to walk up to the houses, but not this year. In fact, he went so fast that Emerson and me couldn't keep up. Clayton taught him to say that he had an agenda, LOL. Afterwards, we went back to Shelly's house and had some good eats with a bunch of friends. Overall, I would say that we had a great night. The bad part was walking back home in the chilly night air. Emerson didn't seem to mind though because he fell dead asleep in the stroller.