Sunday, August 14, 2005

No going home for me :(

Ugh. I was planning to go home on Thursday to see the family and attend Rachel's 13th birthday party, but I have decided not to go. I came to the realization this morning that it will cost me $80 to get there and back. That's not even including the gas that I will need once I am there. I can't believe the gas prices these days. It's so funny, I was getting gas last Friday and I noticed that the last person's sale was $41.00. I kinda smirked and thought about how I am glad that I was not that person. Well, after my tank was full, I looked up and it was $39.95! I decided to put another nickel in there to make it a well-rounded $40. My gosh, that is outrageous! I am seriously wondering how we are going to afford to take Hayden to pre-school in September. I will have to make 2 round trips to downtown Hendersonville 3 times per week. It scares me to think how much gas that is going to take! Will the prices ever go back down??? I surrreeee hope so.


Liz said...

Sorry to hear you don't get to go home and see your family.

At least you're in driving distance from your family. Any time I want to go see mine, I'm looking at a $2000 plane ticket! Sydney to Toronto is quite the trip ;)

And you're right, gas prices are positively too!!

Joanna Bolick said...

I hate the gas prices!! Where is Hayden going to preschool? Cole is going two days a week, and he starts next week already!

Jenny said...

Hey Brandy!

I can't believe the gas prices either, and I have a 30-mile round-trip drive to work every day.

What is your email address? I don't really want to post my mailing address for all the world to see :)