Sunday, August 21, 2005

A Day at the Park

We decided to treat the boys to a picnic in the park today. The park that we went to is awesome! It has the coolest playground I have ever seen. We sat in the shade and enjoyed our lunch of roast beef/swiss croissants, string cheese, peaches, grapes, crackers and Coke. Hayden had a grand ole time running around. I swear that kid was sweating buckets by the time we left. I don't understand why both of my children sweat so badly. Emerson works up a sweat just by sucking down a bottle, LOL. Anyway, the photos are posted above.

FYI-Hayden is doing really well in his new undies. He managed to stay dry the whole 3 hours that we were gone. I was so surprised! The kid is doing excellent at home. He always tells us when he needs to pee, but I was skeptical about him leaving the house for a few hours. I kept asking him while we were at the park and then later when we stopped at the store. I guess I am lucky, the kid doesn't pee too often :)