Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Sweet Dreams

Poor Emerson! He will fall asleep in the most awkward places. His favorite spot is in the jumper. It's so pitiful! You will see him jumping happily one minute and then turn around to see him dead asleep with his head on the tray. Just a couple of days ago, he fell asleep sitting up in his high chair. Clayton went to get him out and he didn't flinch. Well, I put Squiggy (as he is lovingly called) into the crib sitting up. It was just so he wouldn't be in my way as I vaccuumed the living room. After doing that, I went to get him and he was head down on top of his mirror toy. I can't believe he didn't just fall over and lay down. I guess the kid kinda likes sleeping while sitting up. He sure is good at it! I will post a photo in a little bit.


Sherry said...

I remember when my little ones did this. LOVE that you captured that moment so perfectly

Chris said...

all of my kids have done this and still do even though they are not as little anymore - great moment captured!