Tuesday, June 21, 2005


Because we share a car, my days begin way to early sometimes. Today was definitely one of those days. Clayton had to be at work by 6:45am (ugh!) and I needed the car before lunchtime, so I had to get myself and the kiddos up. There was a Mom's Club board meeting (I am the Vice President of Membership) at 9am, so I had a major time lapse between the two events. I hate it when that happens! Anyway, we held the meeting at the park and Hayden was a pain in the rear. He fell in the wet dirt on the playground before we even started. The whole time, he whined and cried which made it really hard to listen.

Afterwards, Tracy and I took our kids to the mall for Lunch Bunch. The kids had a blast playing on the indoor playground and we caught a really good sale at The Children's Place. I didn't have enough money with me, so I had to put my stuff on hold til later that night. When we were leaving, Austin grabbed Hayden to keep him from jumping out into traffic. It was such a sweet gesture! Austin doesn't like to touch other kids, so it was pretty cool that he felt the need to protect Hayden by grabbing him. It looked like they were hugging, but Austin was trying to keep Hayden from going any further. We will now call him Big Brother Austin.

I stopped by my house on the way to Tracy's and guess what was in my mailbox?! My first check for the Michael's book I am designing for! I was so so excited to finally get it. I started working on the book months ago, so it was nice to finally see some of the work paying off.

After dropping Tracy off, me and the kiddos went to a scrapbook store in Brevard. It was fabulous! I got some new Heidi Swapp stuff, Wild Asparagus, and Rusty Pickle. I ran into my friend Beth Hooper. She was teaching a class there that night on paper bag books. Her work is so great. The owner of the store was really nice and fun to talk to. If any of you are looking for a scrapbook store in Brevard, NC, check out Sandy's Scrapbooks. You won't regret it!

Clayton got off work around 7pm and we headed back towards the mall to get the clothes that I put on hold at The Children's Place. We let Hayden run around the playground while having dinner. The mall closed at 9 and we went home. After such a long day, everyone conked out pretty quickly.


*Heather said...

Congrats on the book deal...so cool to see some profits from stuff like that! :)

Liz said...

Hi Brandy,
Found your blog randomly and thought I'd tell you I love the stuff on the scrapbooking. You have awesome talent! Keep it up. I'd love to start scrapbooking. Also, jealous of your life. It's the life I wish I had by now. Married with kids sounds really good right about now!
Cheers and I look forward to reading more about your adventures as a mom :)