Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Bad Day

Well, for one thing, I can't find my freakin' phone. Ugh! It is somewhere in this house, but Lord knows where. If any of you are trying to call me, that is why I am not answering. Call Clayton's phone. It's the same number except the last 2 digits are 82.

I found out from the Atlanta Center for Reproductive Medicine that I have been denied being a surrogate mom through their clinic. That really blows. I took the news pretty hard, but the gal I am hoping to do this for made me feel better. We are simply going to try another clinic. This particular clinic turned down the first gal she tried to work with also. They are really nit picky. I got denied because I suffered from post-partum depression with my first baby. What a crock! I believe that the statistics say that there is a high percentage of first-time moms that get it. I am not an oddball. Oh well, they seem to think so. They could have at least had the counseling session that is required for the program with me before they concluded that I am looney. If they would have at least spoken to me, they would have realized that I am a great candidate for this and that I am not depressed. Hopefully, we will get another clinic to work with us. I have my fingers crossed!


*Heather said...

That is too bad Brandy! I know how much you want to do this and hopefully you will find the right clinic if it is meant to be!