Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Our Home

I never got around to posting a photo of our house after it was completed.  Our sod is coming in rather nicely.  The back is a different story.  It is seeded and taking forever to grow in.  I miss having underground irrigation like we had in CO.  I can't stand seeing the hoses and tripping over them is a pain.  Maybe we will sod the back and put in a sprinkler system?  I have no idea.

We live on a corner lot at one of our neighborhood's entrances.  Because of that, we have a rock wall and nice landscaping flanking our front corner and side of our house.  I love it!


Tammigirl said...

Your home is lovely. Congrats on the landscaping someone else has to pay for and maintain! That's the absolute best kind!

Unknown said...

Love the home. My wife and I are planning on building the Dorsey Hall as well and your blog has been really helpful. Are you at the Mills?

Brandy said...

Hi Rocco,
I am in Laurel Park (Concord). We thought about building at The Mills, but Laurel Park is only 4 minutes from hubby's work. Our kids ironically went to the elementary school inside The Mills last year (Patriots STEM). We loved it there, but I have since moved my kids to the STEM school closer to us (Coltrane-Webb) and the charter school (Cabarrus Charter Academy). Feel free to email me anytime. My address is: brandy logan at g mail dot com (no spaces---I wrote it this way to prevent bots from picking it up). ;)