Tuesday, June 26, 2012

2 Beautiful Little Girls

These are the 2 embryos that I am currently carrying for my wonderful IPs.  #2 is a total over-achiever.  I know most of you don't know anything about IVF but let me tell you, this particular embryo is spectacular.  She looks a lot larger than her sister because she has advanced to the next stage of bursting out of her shell.  #1 is a great embryo too but she hadn't broken out yet as of transfer this past Saturday.  These girls are 6.5 day embryos which is fabulous.  Most IVFers pray for 5 dayers because that is what is known as blast stage.  If they can get to that point, they are usually very strong and healthy.  My IPs couldn't have asked for better odds as these girls exceeded the 5 day mark and grew exponentially before transfer.  Please pray for my IPs as I hope to be carrying at least one of these girls for the long haul.

BTW, these girls were created back in July 2008 so they have been frozen for almost 4 years.  It was amazing that they both survived the thaw and then continued to thrive afterward.  They are tough little cookies! :)


Us said...

*Love* this! We transferred three 2-day embryos in 2008. One was a teeny tiny 2-cell embryo at the time, but all 3 stuck it out. Today they are super-loud, energetic 3-year-old triplet girls!

Anonymous said...

praying and praying!!!!