Thursday, January 27, 2011

Beautiful Disaster

To celebrate Crystal's birthday, I made her this cake. I swear I did, lol. This is the photo evidence I have of it. It was homemade Devil's food cake with 7 minute frosting. Unfortunately, I followed the horrible instructions to use the whole recipe of frosting to ice the cake. It said that it would seem like too much but it would be fine. It was wayyy too much but I did it anyway because the recipe explicitly told me to. I should have known to trust my instincts. It was too heavy for the cake and it slid down one side about an hour after I completed it. How frustrating! I ended up removing a good portion of it. The bad thing was that the sprinkles left color everywhere in the frosting (the coloring came off them). I swirled the frosting around to mix the colors around and it looked like a graffiti artist had gotten hold of it, lol. During transport, the cakes slid apart and I about lost it! I had to slide it all back together at Ashley's house. Unfortunately, it looked pretty ragged after all was said and done. It's a good thing that it tasted good because it sure wasn't pretty. Regardless, I won't be making these recipes again


Chris & Kelly said...

Yum! You always make the best stuff! The icing looks really fluffy!

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