Friday, November 12, 2010

Boom Boom Pow-Take 3

Before pic 7/2/09 & after pic 11/12/10

I feel a little bit weird posting pics of my girls online but oh well. I hope that anyone considering having their girls "enhanced" learn a little bit from me before making the decision. I had my first surgery 7/3/09 and ended up having 2 revision surgeries afterward (4/2/10 & 10/29/10). It's weird but I managed to have each surgery the weekend of a major holiday (July 4th, Easter and Halloween). Anyway, I want others to know that one surgery can result in additional surgeries. Do not go into cosmetic surgery thinking that it will definitely end up being a one-time deal. That may not be the case and you need to be sure that you can afford any additional surgeries. I have done extensive research on the Internet and a lot of girls have more than one surgery for the same procedure. It is unfortunate but common. I was hopeful that it would be a one-shot deal but it didn't turn out that way. My first surgery went great but one of my girls fell below the crease line, causing the scar to move up and be seen. It wasn't that bad but it needed to be fixed before it got worse. Surgery #2 resulted in beautifully perfect cleavage for a few months and then both girls fell below the crease line. It was annoying. It turns out that my pectoral muscles are too tight. I opted for the implants to be placed under the muscle and that ended up being my problem. Whenever my muscles flexed, they would push my implants down and that is why they would fall. Surgery #3 fixed this problem and I don't anticipate any more issues now. I can flex my muscles and nothing happens to my girls because they are now on top of the muscles (body builders opt for this for that reason). I was so against this procedure initially because the people that chose this placement on the Internet tended to look completely fake thanks to the implants only being held in place by tissue. You could actually see the implants sitting on top of the body in some patients. It looked horrible. Anyway, my doctor placed them on top of the muscle but below the tissue. On top of the muscle is a thick tissue called the fascia. He put the implants under the fascia so that they would be supported by that and so you cannot see them through my skin. This procedure is referred to as being"subfascial" placement. It's a great compromise between over or under the muscle.

***Sorry for the grainy "after" pic. I had to take it myself in a mirror and I used my little camera rather than my good one.***
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Lisa Collins McNeil said...

Arrgh. That cannot be the stomach of someone who has had four pregnancies! And the girls are beautiful! Sorry you had to go through so much, but seems worth it in the end.

Crystal Johnson said...

I am sooooo jealous :)

Amber Hedrick said...

The girls look great! ...and I am also jealous about that flat tummy!!!

TheNormalMiddle said...

I really want a reduction, lift, and tummy tuck!!!