Saturday, December 08, 2007

November Design Team Layouts for 3 Scrappy Boys

This is my best friend Tracy. I miss her incredibly. I forsee a trip back to Asheville soon so that I can see that new baby of hers. ;)

These are my first 2 ultrasounds for this surrogacy when there were 2 babies. They were done back in May.

These were my first positive tests from the surrogacy. I began getting faint positives at what would be the equivalent of 8 days past ovulation and got my first digital positive at 8.5 days past.


Krista Smith said...

Tracy looks so cute. I miss her and a bunch of other people. I bet the baby is so big already! Do you have pictures??

Maybe let me know when you are planning to go back. Maybe we can arrange a reunion tour. LOL