Thursday, December 06, 2007

Lots of Updates

Hey guys, I know I am a complete slacker when it comes to my blog. I am usually so good at keeping it updated but life has been crazy lately. I am now 36 weeks and 1 day preggo so I am a bit tired to say the least. Hubby needs to take a belly shot for me tonight so I can post it here. I got checked on Tuesday and I am 1.5cm dilated and 50% effaced. Yay! My IPs are getting really excited as we wait for the baby to make his arrival. I predict it to be 12/13 but it is all up to him. Since neither one of my kiddos made it to 39 weeks, I don't think that this one will either. Hayden was 38w6d and Emerson was 37w6d. They were both over 7 pounds so I can't imagine how much bigger they would have been if I was one of those poor moms that goes beyond their due dates. Egad.

Anyhoo, Clayton has been going nutso trying to get our outside lights up. Poor guy had lots of issues with lights not working and snow to deal with. Unfortunately, our house faces North and the front never gets any sunlight. We got snow a week or so ago and it lingered until yesterday because it couldn't melt. It's a good thing that it finally did because we are supposed to get more soon and Clayton would never be able to get on the roof, lol. He did a great job, huh?

We are going to go get Clayton's Christmas present today. He has been wanting a LCD tv with a surround system. I found an great deal online today for a 46" Sony Bravia tv plus an awesome Sony surround system. It even includes free shipping. We are going to pick up the system but have the tv delivered next week (unless he finds something better tonight). The cool thing is that our house is already completely wired and ready to go for the sound system. It won't take much to install it. :)

My design team term at 3 Scrappy Boys is now drawing to a close this month. I have been on the team since October 2006. I am a bit sad but relieved at the same time. I really need a break and now is a good time to do so. The new gals that were chosen are awesome and I know that they will represent Cindy and 3SB well. I can't wait to see their monthly creations. Congrats to the new ladies!! BTW-I have some new creations using the November kit and will try to get them uploaded soon. The kit was so bright and funky. You can't help but love it. ;)
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Joanna Bolick said...

The lights look awesome!! And how wonderful that your mom is there to spoil you!! Yay! It sounds like the baby is on his way soon!!