Friday, November 30, 2007

Look at what I just got and an explanation as to my whereabouts

After fighting with Clayton for over a month about which vacuum to buy to replace our old one, I finally bought the one that I wanted-a Dyson DC17 Animal. In fact this one cost alot more than the one that I was originally wanting but I ended up getting a steal of a deal on it. I had a coupon code through Linens N Things that gave me 20% off my entire purchase and I didn't pay for shipping either. It made this better model only $40 more than the pink one I was looking at (normally it would be $150 difference). I couldn't resist. I used it last night and I am amazed at how much crud it got out of my carpet. It is almost embarassing! I gotta say that I love this thing. It is so pretty. The top of the canister is a dark and shiny purple and the rest of it is titanium. Who would have thought that they would ever make pretty vacuums? Because of the great coupon code, I went ahead and got the new Dyson Root 6 DC16 Handheld Vacuum also. This little doo-dad looks like the perfect device to clean up the occasional spill of cereal from our kitchen floor. Unfortunately, the store was out of these when I went to pick it up but they are shipping me one out today and I didn't have to pay extra for that. Yay!

Where have I been?
I know I have been bad about updating lately but I have been sick as a dog. I have been diagnosed with sinusitis, bronchitis and pregnancy-induced carpal tunnel. Fun stuff I tell ya. :P


Joanna Bolick said...

We loooove our dyson. Great choice!! So sorry you have been sick, though! Ick! Have a great weekend!

Sandie said...

What a great deal on the vacuum!

Krista Smith said...

was that my coupon code that got you that great deal? I fully expect a commission. :)~ kidding. so cute!!
I finally got my Kirby fixed--I'd been using a cheap hoover in the meantime, and oooh boy! you can really see a difference! Now I want my carpets pro cleaned so I can start over.
2 little boys are hard on carpets, you know?
and I hope you feel better soon! I was going to call you this weekend to see what was up if I didn't see some bloggage.
Rest up, not too much longer now. :hug:

Kimberly said...

WOW, you will have some SUCTION fun now! LOL Hope you get to feeling better. Not too much longer now.......

Andrea said...

I love me some Dyson!! I only have the yellow one.. blah!