Friday, September 07, 2007

Bounceback Vacation for the Logans!!

Like my newest ticker? If you happen to be staying at a Walt Disney World hotel from 8/31-9/28/2007, you will be lucky enough to receive a bounceback vacation offer to come back in 2008 for free dining. You have to be sure to book the package while you are still checked into your hotel. They will not take ressies with the offer after you have already paid your 2007 tab. No exceptions. You have to pay the $200 down payment at the time that you make the ressie and the vacation has to be set between the dates of 8/20-9/27/2008.

We are definitely going to book again while we are down there this month. I am so excited!! Now I get to go through the heck of figuring out which hotel to book and where all we want to eat again. My Mom and Dad will be going too. Yay!! I hope that I can get more family members to go but we will have to wait and see. :)


Krista Smith said...

Yeah, but are you gonna do the cruise with us too? That's what WE want to know. LOL
I'll call you this week (probably tomorrow) to let you know how it went. I think I even have some dining credits left you can have. :)~