Monday, March 05, 2007


Hey all, I will be keeping the blog private for another week or so. I know it is annoying. A magazine wants one of my layouts and I do not know which one. I want to make sure that it is not posted publicly and that is why my blog is not able to be viewed by everyone for the time being. They did not specify that the layout could not be posted on the net or viewed by others until after the submission period was over. Ugh! It will likely be that the layout that they want isn't available anyway, but I would rather just keep everything hidden for a little bit longer.

Our Disney trip is now officially 201 days away! We can't wait. I will be making our ADR's (Advanced Dining Reservations) on the 26th. Trust me, that is a necessity due to how many people use the dining plan now. I want to make sure that we can eat at all the cool restaurants.

My friend Tracy just found out that she is having a little girl and we are all so excited for her! I am helping her friend Lisa throw her a shower on April 1st. I bought her some of my favorite goodies: a Baby Bjourn, Huggies Supremes diapers, Johnson's Baby Lotion, a rattle like Emerson had that he loved, Huggies wipes, etc. I could go crazy buying her stuff. I still want to buy an outfit or two. It is so fun! She will also be getting my high chair. I am in charge of making food for the party. If anyone has any suggestions, I would love to hear them. ;)

Clayton and I are going to be getting another 4-Runner sometime this year. We have been looking around alot lately. We were going to buy another used one but we may wait and buy a brand new one late this summer. It depends on a number of factors. We will be keeping our old 4-Runner and trading in the van. Yes, it is a little weird having 2 of the same vehicle, but that vehicle has been the best thing that we have ever bought. She is a 1996 and has 130K miles on her. She has never given us any trouble and she is now 11 years old. You can't beat that! Just in case you are wondering, her name is Suzy (contrary to what Clayton thinks, lol). I really hope that we can hold out and get a new one. We shall see. I have my fingers crossed. It would be awesome to get it before the Disney trip!