Monday, July 17, 2006

Catching up...

Sorry I haven't updated lately. The kiddos and I were in High Point with my family all last week. I couldn't get online because my Uncle lost his password to his Internet account. His computer won't go online any more, so I was just going to connect my laptop to his connection. I remember doing it before and the password was written down, but we couldn't find the paper anywhere. Ugh. Anyway, my Mom had a pretty invasive surgery done last Monday and she is doing way better than expected. I am so glad that she isn't hurting.

I have great news on the surrogacy front. I begin injectibles (Lupron) and antibiotics on Thursday. Yee haw! It's weird to be excited about sticking needles in my stomach again, lol. We are going to transfer the embryos sometime between the 24th-26th of August. I cannot wait!!! My intended Mother is over the moon and is anxious to get to that point. I have my fingers and toes crossed that this all works out and that the intended parents have a baby to bring into their home. These 2 people are just the nicest you will ever meet. They are so fun and easy-going. I know that they will be awesome parents. Please keep them in your thoughts/prayers over the next month. They want this more than anything and this is their last chance. They have already used a surrogate for 3 other transfers and they are still empty-handed. We hope that this time will be different since we are using the best RE (reproductive endocrinologist) in the US for this transfer. I will keep you all updated.

J-fer, plan on me being in Denver from August 23rd-28th. We need to get together. I will have to be on strict bedrest for 48 hours after the transfer, but I don't know which day it will be until I get there. I will call you when I know more. You need to email me your phone number again.


Julie said...

your story of wanting to help is so heart touching. I cannot wait to read about the pregnancy through your eyes.