Tuesday, July 04, 2006

4th of July

This post is a bit late, but oh well. I packed us up an awesome picnic (a la Paula Dean), but we ended up eating it out on our patio instead of the park. It was insanely hot. I couldn't stand being out there the 15 minutes that we were. The park would have been miserable. It began to rain a couple of hours later and that put a damper on our fireworks plan. We decided to brave the weather and go anyway with our friends, the Smiths. We had to park forever away, but it was well worth it. Just before the fireworks began, the rain really started coming down. We were afraid that they would cancel the whole thing and that we got drenched for nothing. The good thing is that the rain subsided long enough to do the show and it was the best show ever! Our view was breathtaking. We had to lay on our backs and look up because we were so close to them. Even though the ground was wet and yucky, it didn't matter. It felt like the fireworks were close enough to us to touch. It was amazing. Posted by Picasa