Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Finally a walker

Emerson has been walking consistently for 3 weeks now. His physical therapist is now going to be seeing him only twice a month rather than twice a week. Yay! If after 3 months he is still walking on the insides of his feet, we will be referred over to a foot doctor to get some inserts for his shoes. That's not so bad. I am soooo glad that he is finally walking :) Posted by Picasa


Krista Smith said...

Way to go, Emerson!!

he really is walking well now. I was so surprised at how quickly he caught up! woohooo for physical therapy!

Julie said...

Yay Emerson! What a great milestone! We understand how hard on momma's arms it is to not walk ;)

Brown English Muffin said...

What age did he walk at?

p.s. I found your blog in the two peas blog ring ~ BrownEngMuffin