Sunday, April 02, 2006

Sorry for my negligence

I haven't been meaning to neglect my blog, but life has been rather difficult over the past week. Emerson has been sick since Tuesday and it has sure been a doozy. On Friday, I thought that he was okay. We went to Chic-Fil-A for lunch and he ended up chunking all over the van before I even got there. Ugh. I am sure that the patrons eating lunch there were watching me and laughing while I was cleaning up what I could in the parking lot. His seat was covered, he was covered, and my van smelled so bad I couldn't help but gag everytime I stuck my head in there. Let me tell you, the big car seats aren't very easy to clean. There was throw-up inside all the latches and every nook/cranny the seat had. It took me 30 min. just to get the cloth off of it so I could wash it. Dang, you would think that they would make it easier than that. I am sure that Emerson isn't the first kid to completely dirty up his seat. Grrrrrr....

On top of Emerson's sickness, I have been feeling rather bad lately. After 5 days of constant pain in my legs and butt, I went to the doctor. All I could think was that I was gonna die from a pulmonary embulism from blood clots in my legs. The doc diagnosed the pain as sciatica. I was so happy to hear him say that rather than blood clots! It is so weird. I have a tingly feeling going from my lower rear down to the backs of my thighs. It is really painful and annoying at times. At night when I am in bed, the pain will extend down to the backs of my calves and into my feet. Supposedly, I will be fine in a few weeks. Sciatica is a common problem and it will get better with time.

Clayton and I have joined the Y. We have a brand new facility that totally rocks! We are both so out-of-shape. Hopefully, this will be something we do regularly and we will get back in shape before my high school reunion (if we are freakin' having one). One thing I lack is yoga pants and workout tops. Old Navy has the best pants, but they just clearanced them out. Ugh!!!! I have been searching all over ebay, but no luck thus far. Anyone have recommendations?


Krista Smith said...

the shoe store in the mall across from Children's Place had CUTE yoga pants and workout bras on clearance just yesterday. I snagged me a few.
Also, if abercrombie's yoga pants are on sale, those are by far the comfiest. I bought a few this winter and have lived in them.
Glad you guys are feeling better!

Renae Burt said...

We should totally invent some car seats that have "easy to get off" covers. I have dealt with that problem way too may is soo aggervating!

Kristin said...

Eddie Bauer has good ones - french terry fabric.