Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Easter Program

Hayden had his preschool Easter program today. He was so cute sitting in the front row singing songs. All the kids were lined up in front of the sanctuary and the 2's class got to sit in the front. Fortunately, I managed to get a seat directly in front of him. I really didn't know where he would end up because the parents were seated before the kids came in. I got a few pics and will post them tomorrow. I would also have video-taped it, but I accidentally left my battery in the van. Oh well, I will get him on tape next time ;)

After H's performance, we went to a nearby park with a couple of his buddies. I think that I got a few cute pics there too.

Oh, I forgot to mention Hayden's new watch. I found him a Spiderman one and he loves it. He has been asking for one since his Grandma Christie was here a couple of months ago. She had a watch that he really liked and asked for one every day since then.