Wednesday, February 15, 2006

My resignation from TSS and some updates

Last week, I made the decision to leave The Scrapbook Stand so that I could spend more time with the kiddos and make my life less hectic. It was a hard thing to do, but I have been feeling the strain lately. My kids and this surrogacy have to be center stage, so I am now able to shift my focus to what is more important. I love the gals at TSS and I will miss the site dearly. I was chosen for their first design team, hung around as one of the chosen 3 after the first term was over, and then was honored to remain on the team as a second round of gals were added. It's hard to believe that TSS is now one year old. I hope that it continues to provide members with fabulous kits in the future and that the design team hangs around forever. Happy Birthday TSS!!! Thanks for the amazing opportunity Shirley. You're the best!

My wonderful IM should be getting ready for her egg retrieval this weekend. We will most likely be transferring them (after they have been fertilized for 3 days) on next Wednesday. I am so excited and I really hope that we can make the eggies stick! We should know by March if any of them "took". Wish us luck :)

Valentine's Day was fun. We didn't do much, but it was still good. Hayden got lots of valentines from school and both kids got goodies/money from their grandparents. I made Clayton some pretty sugar cookies (his favorite) and he brought home some Ben & Jerry's along with a movie to watch. We are planning to go out and celebrate while his Mom is visiting next week. Gotta love free babysitting! I sure hope that Christie is up to it.....hint, hint. She is going to be coming on Sunday with Jack. We cannot wait to see them.


Krista Smith said...

Brandy! I'm so excited for you.
Do you wanna do dinner before things get all hechtic? Give me a call.