Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Emerson's free!

Big E got his cast off today. His little leg looks so dry and scaly. He hasn't been able to take a bath this past 3 weeks, so he will be thrilled to take one tonight. Putting pants on him will now be much easier-yay! Anyway, the doctor said that his leg isn't completely healed. It will take just a little bit more time. I am concerned that he may break it again since it is so weak, but the doctor said that another cast isn't necessary at this point. I meant to take some photos before the cast came off, but I totally forgot. Ugh.

On the surrogacy front, I had an ultrasound yesterday and everything looks perfect. The doctor said that the drugs are doing their thing and I am all set for our upcoming embryo transfer. My intended mother had her ultrasound today and all is well with her too. Sooooooo, we will likely have the transfer around the 23rd. We have our fingers crossed.

I am greatly disappointed to be missing the Bon Jovi show in Greenville, SC tomorrow night. Clayton and I have been to all of their concerts since they returned to the music scene, but we just couldn't swing the $200 tickets. I tried to win some last week, but failed to get them. I called the radio station today and told them that I was willing to streak through Biltmore Village for them. They asked if I would do so in their parking lot and I told them heck yea! Unfortunately, they didn't have any more to give away :(