Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Wow, surrogacies require a LOT of medicine

Wow, just wow. I am amazed at all the drugs I received today. It is unreal! We had to go to Atlanta bright and early for an injection class. Unfortunately, my Mom wasn't available, so we had to take the kiddos. The kids did fine in the car though, thank the Lord. While we were at the clinic, our intended mother's nanny watched them. She is SO good with them. I am sure that they had a great time. We were late getting to the clinic due to going the wrong direction on 285, but they didn't even seem to notice. The injection tutorial went pretty smoothly. I got to do a pretend Lupron injection to a styrofoam cube (those are the little shots). The instructor offered to let Clayton do a pretend progesterone shot (the big shots-pictured below) on me with saline. I let him do it because I figured it would be best to do a trial one with her watching him. At least he will know what to do when we really start doing them. The needle is HUGE (22 gauge/1.5 in. long) and has to go all the way in, but I didn't feel it; however, I did feel the actual injection. That part hurt. It's not that bad though. The needle has to go into a particular quadrant of my rear and that is why Clayton will be doing them for me. I can't reach it that well. Wish us luck!


Krista Smith said...

yikes honey. That is a lot of medicine! You weren't kidding! I know it's for a great cause, but I don't know if I could do it all. I KNOW Reed wouldn't be happy to be sticking a needle in my butt either. Good luck, I've got my fingers crossed for you!